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Breast Cancer Expert Series I Resources

BC Expert Series I Webinar 1 : Treatment closer to home - A new era for patients with breast cancer


Watch Professors Wardley and Jackisch discuss the status and importance of flexible care in shaping the future of breast cancer treatment.

BC Expert Series I Webinar 2 : Neoadjuvant therapy - A multidisciplinary approach to patient care


Watch Professor Harbeck and Mr Cain discuss key considerations for the management of HER2-positive eBC from a surgeon and oncologist perspective.

BC Expert Series I Webinar 3 : Diagnostic work-up in HER2-positive eBC: A focus on pathology


Watch Professor Viale discuss the HER2 scoring system, heterogeneity of HER2-positive BC and the pathologist's role in post-NACT setting and response assesment.

BC Expert Series I Webinar 4 : Adjuvant treatment in HER2-positive eBC


Watch Professor Swain discuss the optimal treatment regimen for patients with low-risk and high-risk HER2-positive eBC.

BC Expert Series I Webinar 5 : Residual disease after neoadjuvant therapy: A new decision point in HER2-positive eBC


Watch Professors Loibl and Geyer discuss the KATHERINE study and its exploratory analyses of clinical interest.

BC Expert Series I Webinar 6 : Decreasing the burden: Balancing efficacy, toxicity and patient QoL


Watch Professor Piccart evaluate strategies for personalising treatment options, reducing toxicity and optimising quality of life for patients with HER2-positive eBC.

BC Expert Series I Webinar 7 : The evolving treatment landscape in HER2-positive mBC


Watch Doctor Prat discuss the current treatment algorithm and standard of care for HER2-positive mBC, together with recently approved novel agents in the disease.

BC Expert Series I Webinar 8 : Patient-expert dialogue: Shared decision making in eBC care


Watch Professor de Azambuja, Mr Harvey and Mrs de Rooij-van Haaren discuss the importance of patient–physician dialogue and shared decision-making in selecting the optimal treatment for patients.

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