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Breast Cancer Expert Series II Resources

BC Expert Series II Webinar 1 : Neoadjuvant therapy: A multidisciplinary approach to patient care


Watch Professors Nadia Harbeck (Germany) and Qiang Liu (China) provide both the Oncologist and the Surgeon perspective on key considerations for the management of HER2-positive early breast cancer. They will highlight the importance of neoadjuvant treatment and the multidisciplinary team for optimising treatment options.

BC Expert Series II Webinar 2 : Residual disease after neoadjuvant therapy: a new decision point in HER2-positive early breast cancer


Watch Professors Shu Wang (China) and Michael Untch (Germany) discuss the pivotal KATHERINE data, including subgroup analyses, and potential impact on clinical practice for patients with HER2-positive early breast cancer with residual invasive disease after neoadjuvant therapy and surgery.

BC Expert Series II Webinar 3 : The evolving landscape of immunotherapy in metastatic triple negative breast cancer


Watch Dr Rebecca Dent (Singapore) and Professor Xichun Hu (China) share their perspective on the role of cancer immunotherapy in the treatment of metastatic triple negative breast cancer and discuss the latest advances in the field and its implications for daily clinical practice.

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